Pregnancy is not a disease to be treated

Pregnancy is not a disease to be treated


Abortion has no place in medicine and medics pushing for it are murderers



One of the greatest gifts God gave the woman is the capacity to give new life. Yet someone is telling us it is a bad thing to give birth and that women should kill their own children.

Those in the medical fraternity who are pushing for abortion are deceivers…they are liars. There is no place for abortion in medicine. Medicine is about diagnosing, treating or preventing disease.

Pregnancy is not a disease and you cannot treat it by removing the baby. It is a lie.

The definition of abortion has been abused. In medicine, we are told that abortion is termination of a pregnancy before viability. It may be 22 weeks, or 28 weeks.

But they do not tell us what it is when you kill a child who is alive in a normal pregnancy after 22 weeks. What is that called? Murder.

If you take a sperm and leave it alone, it will die a sperm. If you take an egg and leave it alone, it will die an egg. But if you take a sperm and put it together with an egg, what you have is a new human being who never existed before.

If you leave a pregnancy alone, the mother will never give birth to a rat or a cow; she will give birth to a human being.

If you terminate a normal pregnancy, you have committed murder since you have intentionally killed a pre-born person. We don’t care what World Health Organisation says; WHO is not God. We do not care what the United Nations says; the UN is not God. We are tired of deception and we have said No.

Abortion hurts women. There is new evidence demonstrating clearly the relationship between breast cancer and abortion. As a medical doctor, I want to tell you there is now clear scientific evidence that demonstrates that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. This information is being kept hidden.

How can you dare call abortion safe, when it kills the baby 100 per cent of the time, injures the woman psychologically 100 per cent of the time, and causes physical harm to majority of the women, and increases the risk of cancer in the woman? How can that be safe?

It is shameful that people calling themselves doctors can actually open their mouths and say that to us.

On behalf of the medical fraternity, I would like to apologise to the Christian community for involving ourselves in deception. We now know better and we shall stand for the unborn child. We shall also stand for the woman.

Finally, remember that pregnancy is a matter of two adults. Do you remember the woman who was caught in adultery and brought to Christ? There was already an injustice because only one party was brought to Christ. Abortion is about a pregnancy and a pregnancy is about a man and a woman. Where is the man in this discussion? How can you say the pregnancy belongs to the woman when you are the one who donated the seed? Shame on you! It is time men stood up and be counted. You must stand up and take up your responsibility.

If you do not want a child, the answer is very simple: Do not have sex. There is no other medicine. As Christians, we have always taught chastity. Marriage is not about having sex; marriage is about having a family. If you want to have a family, then get married, have a lot of sex, have children and we shall celebrate you.

If you are not ready to have a family, kindly wait until you are ready for that responsibility. If only the world could understand that message – the message of chastity – not only would we deal with abortion, we would also deal with sexually transmitted diseases/infections, HIV and Aids, and cervical cancer. We would deal with so many other problems we have brought upon ourselves.

The writer is a gynaecologist and the convener of the life committee at the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum.