Dear God, here’s what I want in a man

The Bible says I should ask and I will receive, so here goes...

Today, I would like to invite you to pray with me, trusting that God hears and answers prayers.

Dear God, the Almighty and ever loving Father, thank you for saving me, for this season of singlehood, and for the chance to know you and make you known by serving you joyfully.

I pray that you would bless me with a husband, a man who has accepted the free gift of eternal life. Heal his heart of any brokenness, create in him a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit within him so that there will be abundance. Lord, revive in him hope, grant him the fruit of the Holy Spirit and enable him to live in wholehearted obedience to you.

Bless the work of his hands as he relies on you for success and prosperity in his efforts. Put a hedge around him, his house, his wealth and his possessions. Every day, bless him with wisdom, strength, favour and clarity of mind as he sets out. Enable him to be a good steward and to honour you with his resources.

I pray that you would unite us in holy matrimony. Fill our hearts with gratitude because marriage is a gift from you. Help us to keep our marriage vows, knowing that only death should separate us. As he leaves his father and mother, I pray that he will cleave to me, his wife. As we are joined together to become one flesh, guard us from anything that would prevent us from standing unashamed before one another.

Lord, enable him to love me sacrificially like Christ does the Church. Guide him as he offers leadership. I pray that he would delight in and have full confidence in me, and that he would find me ready with a heart of service, submission, respect and devotion to him.

I pray that as he finds me, he will have found a good thing and obtain favour from you. I ask that fidelity, love and commitment are choices he makes continually, that you would guard him from seeking pleasure in any other and keep our marriage bed from being defiled. Enable us to yield our bodies to each other for mutual pleasure, only refraining from intimacy for the purpose of prayer and fasting. Let us always remember that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

As a wife, I pray that I would be a fruitful vine in the very heart of his house and that our children will be like olive plants around the table. May my future husband be intentionally present in the lives of our children, actively demonstrating your love and care for them and teaching them your word diligently. I pray that he will be a good influence on the children, fostering strong ties and modelling good character.

May he discipline the children in wisdom and love so that no vicious habits are formed in them – a branch is easily bent when it is tender. I pray the children will accept and appreciate the discipline, knowing it is for their own good.

As we raise them, bless us with unity as we face difficult choices and situations. If we differ in opinion, help us to reach consensus respectfully. I especially pray that his children and mine will accept each other and never cause us to drift apart because a divided house cannot stand.

Help us to discern when the enemy tries to use our children to cause division and bless us with grace to bridge any emotional disconnection with genuine love.

Grant him favour with my parents and me with his – that we will be received with open hearts as new additions to both families. I pray for favour that they would grant us their blessings. Help us to honour them so that our days may be long in the land you give us. Also help us to create healthy boundaries with in-laws and give us wisdom to reduce any unhealthy dependence by other family members.

Bless our home so that anyone who visits will find true love, know about your saving grace, and experience warmth and an atmosphere that draws them nearer to God.

In Jesus’ name I pray and believe. Amen.