Letter to my future husband

As I wait for God to answer my prayers, I pour my heart out

I am still trusting God for a spouse. Frequently, as I wash dishes and sing along to the music on my Bluetooth playlist, I can’t help but peep through the kitchen window hoping to see a solid man walking down the road towards my house with a huge sign reading “To Wandia with Love.”

It is a sunny morning and I am enjoying freshly brewed coffee, which smells heavenly by the way. The coffee shop looks beautiful, serenaded by an assortment of fresh flowers and saxophone jazz from a distance. Couples are seated close to each other and talking in low tones. With my heart brewing in anticipation for a spouse, I choose to write a letter to my future husband.

Dear loving future husband,

With excitement, I long to meet you and get to know you. I have depended on God to answer my prayer to bring you my way. It hasn’t been easy but I know the waiting will be worth the while. I am reserving my heart especially for you. I am eager for the day I will belong to you, my beloved.

God created love as a gift to us and a delight for all our senses. I believe marriage is something good and honourable; an experience to look forward to; a licence to love and insurance to hold. I am filled with butterflies with the thought of our wedding day. I can only imagine your kisses as I wait to enjoy your love that is sure to be more delightful than wine. May our union bring oneness that allows for agreement and walking together. I pray that you will find me with a ready heart and an attitude of service, submission and reverence for you. I long for the security of your presence as my man.

After the vows, my desire is that we will commit to each other then day by day exercise patience as we let the love and commitment develop. How beautiful it is to build our relationship on fidelity and genuine love.

Further, that we will create a loving environment free of fear because perfect love drives out fear. We will learn to accept our weaknesses and build on our strengths, creating a friendship that makes it easy to forgive and to free each other from the weight of our mistakes. We will focus on a sacrificial kind of love that makes way for each other’s needs and allows us to feel free to be vulnerable.

I pray that we continually see each other as a garden; a well of flowing water and a haven of never-ending freshness. That we will have encouraging words, surprise love notes, get-away road trips and anything else that will prevent any weariness or familiarity. So would you consider frequent coffee dates or maybe dancing under the full moon and being my cycling partner?

God created sex and intimacy for marriage. Sex between us will be motivated by love, commitment and mutual pleasure, not lust or selfishness. Maintaining physical fitness through gym workouts and healthy diets will keep the testosterone and oestrogen levels in check and we will seek to graciously overcome any uncomfortable, shame-filled or wounding thoughts and experiences that could hinder us from being truly intimate.

The future can be uncertain. It might bring hurts that cause us to wonder whether we will make it. Despite forgiveness, we might feel we have let each other down but like just broken vessels, there is hope that we can be made whole again. Lovingly, we will help each other catch any issues that might cause us to drift apart. I call them little foxes. There is beauty in bringing our brokenness together and letting God heal us and restore the joy and fulfillment of marriage.

I yearn to serve alongside you in using our gifts, talents and resources to courageously, confidently and boldly share the good news of Christ’s death for our sins and the resurrection hope we now have in Him.

How glad we will be when our parents dismiss us with their blessings, saying: “May you increase to thousands upon thousands and may your offspring possess the cities of their enemies.”

Come my beloved, I await you.

With love from your soon-to-be wife,