Living in God’s anointing to overcome pandemic

Believers are called to respond to coronavirus with an awareness of the divine enablement they have at their disposal

It shall come to pass in that day, that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil (Isaiah 10:27)

There is fear all over the world because of this pandemic known as Covid-19. People everywhere are talking about it. Nations are at a standstill. Economies are collapsing and itis not known what the future holds. But there is one who knows everything – God.

The common response to the coronavirus that we are seeing everywhere today is the manifestation of the spirit of fear. Fear has taken over the hearts of men everywhere. But the Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear. Whatever the government does or directs to be done – which we commend – it should remember that if the Lord doesn’t watch over the city, then the watchmen labour in vain. Face masks and hand sanitisers are good but in this situation we need God. He knows where this virus is, how it came about and how it will end.

We have been told not to greet one another with handshakes; that is fine. We are law-abiding citizens and that is why we are abiding by the regulations put in place. But I want you to see beyond the physical measures we are taking to stay safe. We must resist fear with every fibre of our being. As believers, let us not walk in fear but in faith. If we can worship God and get serious with Him, this disease will not touch us. That is why we need to give ourselves wholly to God.

Going back to Isaiah 10:27, I want to talk about anointing, which refers to God’s power working in our lives. You can be anointed as a businessperson or a doctor or a salesperson; anointing is God’s divine presence in your life. This anointing is the reason we should not be afraid.

People are anointed differently. For instance, when one mechanic works on your vehicle, you might see excellence. But give that same vehicle to someone else who may not have an anointing in mechanics and you will notice the difference.

Each one of us has God’s ability inside us that makes all the difference. There are people who have an anointing in money matters – they don’t struggle to get money. One thing we need to know is that God can never give us money if we are not ready to share it with others. That is what anointing does – when you have an anointing in money matters, you will not idolise money. You will use it to better the lives of others.

I once heard a story about a pastor who didn’t have any food in his house and decided to visit a married couple who attended his church. He found them cooking arrow roots and thought he should share the word of God in readiness to partake of the meal with them.

Meanwhile, the wife was hoping that the pastor wouldn’t stay too long because what she was cooking was meant only for her family. So she kept adding water to pass time, but the pastor continued to add scripture upon scripture, testimony upon testimony and exhortation after exhortation, waiting for the food to be served.

When the woman finally realised the pastor wasn’t leaving anytime soon, she made the painful decision to serve the food – which by this time was so overcooked that is was like porridge; they had to drink the meal!

As believers, we must remember that we are different from unbelievers. Our culture is one of sharing what we have, prayer, fellowship and encouraging one another. The anointing we have from God always teaches and enables us to do that which glorifies Him and adds value to mankind. It is an anointing that nothing, including coronavirus, can overcome.

The writer is the senior pastor of Nairobi Grace Chapel in Marurui, Nairobi.