Marriage goals from Delilah (yes, the same one who betrayed Samson!)

She may have been a woman of ill repute but there’s no denying that she managed to earn the trust of a God-appointed judge. So how did she do it?

There once was a man named Samson who was born as part of God’s plan to deliver the nation of Israel from the Philistines. He was endowed with enormous physical strength to accomplish the task, and this strength was in his hair. One time, the spirit of the Lord came upon this man and he tore apart a lion with his bare hands! Another time he killed an entire army of Philistines using the jawbone of a donkey. I cannot fathom such strength.

On the flip side, this mighty man of war allowed sensuality to get the better of him. He fell in love with a beautiful woman whose name was Delilah. Unfortunately, his infatuation with her made him a vulnerable target. All that massive strength proved to be no match for this woman’s seductive ways. She was a deceitful woman with honey on her lips and venom in her heart. She toyed with him and pretended to love him all the while seeking personal gain, having been offered money to uncover the secret of his strength.

After three failed attempts to get Samson to reveal the real source of his strength, followed by a lot of nagging, Delilah eventually got him to tell her the secret and this led to his capture. In captivity, he cried out to God for strength so he could finally fulfil the purpose for which he was born. Samson died alongside his enemies and ended up killing more Philistines at the end of his life than while he lived. How sad.

But my focus is on Delilah. Why did Samson keep going back to her house knowing very well she was trying to get him killed? There could be a number of reasons why Satan was able to use her power of seduction to keep his heart captivated. Maybe the words she used on him were full of praise, not criticism. She must have maximised on the allure of her femininity and high sense of self-worth to attract him to her.

Maybe her home was warm and inviting, with scented candles in the rooms and mouth-watering aromas coming from the kitchen. Perhaps her bed sheets were clean and soft, and her dressing accentuated her curves. I bet dinner was served on a table for two where they talked in low intimate tones.

She offered her lap for Samson to lay his head, and that lap created a stress-free atmosphere. Like a baby, he was soothed, his hair stroked until he fell asleep. Delilah provided an environment of peace, not war. No wonder he chose her den to lay his head after a hard day’s work.

The story of Samson and Delilah is about sin, purpose and God’s grace. But if as women we could set aside for a moment our ill feelings towards Delilah, we might just find something to borrow from her that could improve our homes to make them an inviting place where husbands can look forward to coming after a long day.

It might be as simple as de-cluttering the house to make it clean and tidy. Or perhaps it’s about a change of attitude towards him – for example, choosing to be a source of encouragement. Could it entail learning new recipes or making more of his favourite meals?

Is the man of the house captivated by your love and do you offer him your lap where he can lay his head? Does he feel appreciated for his efforts and presence? Is he drawn by your gentle and quiet spirit?

They say every cloud has a silver lining. The government-imposed curfew has blessed couples with time together. Maybe we need to get conversations going about how to reignite marital relationships or take them to the next level using tips from this infamous woman!