MP in trouble for labelling school bus with his name

Social media users argue the vehicle is public property since it was bought with taxpayers money

Lurambi MP Bishop Titus Khamala is in trouble after Kenyans on social media questioned the logic behind printing his name on a school bus purchased by taxpayers.

The former bishop of Cornerstone Ministries in Kakamega County, who doubles up as patron of the Lurambi Constituency Development Fund, had the words Viva Khamala printed on the bus and Kenyans are not too happy. They argue that it was through their taxes that the bus was bought and that the MP was trying to create the image of a chief taxpayer by having his name on public property.

If this school bus was bought using CDF money, which is pesa ya mama mboga (vegetable vendors taxes), why should the MPs name be trumpeted on it? posed Ted Malanda, a blogger.

The Latin word viva means (long) live and blogger Alusa Ken wanted to know: Has the school bus turned into a campaign tool?

Others however did not find any fault with the labelling, saying the school, Shikoti Mixed Secondary, did not previously own a bus and it was through the MPs efforts that one had finally been acquired.

The only problem with Kenyans is that we dont want to applaud good leadership. Bet if it were former US President Barack Obamas name printed on the bus, we would have no issues, wrote Kevinash Dee Prince.

Shikoti Mixed Secondary School Bus

The MPs handlers have said Kenyans should not read politics into the labelling. Its an expression of love for the project, one of them said. However, it remains debatable whether the MPs gesture was one of political expediency or genuine love for the school bus project. In his 2017 campaign manifesto, he promised to buy buses for schools that had none as a way of improving the education sector. So far he has purchased only one.

In January, the MP gave up an attempt to have Deputy President William Ruto buy two school buses for two schools in his constituency, Mwangaza and Shieywe secondary schools. A local newspaper quoted the MP saying: I have made several trips to Rutos Sugoi home to remind him of the (bus) promise but there has been no word on when the vehicles would be delivered.